Heartland Gun Club & Range offers a wide selection of firearms and shooting range accessories. We provide a truly interactive buying experience by giving you the opportunity to try to select showroom firearms in our range. Whether you’re looking for your first firearm or something to add to your collection, our expert staff will help you find the right equipment. Besides guns, our retail space also offers shooting range accessories, ammo, parts, cleaning kits, clothing, and more.


Heartland Gun Club does offer FFL transfers! Simply fill out the form below and we’ll handle the rest.

Once we receive your item a member of our team will let you know it’s available to pick up.

Transfer Fees

Per Transfer
$ 35
($10 for each additional transfer)
Member Transfer fees
($5 for each additional transfer)
FFL TransfersTransfer will be available for pick-up on the following business day after delivery

FFL TransfersPackages are processed into our system in the order they arrive and may take 24 hours to be processed.

How to Buy a Firearm and other Shooting Range Accessories in MN?

As a Licensed Federal Firearms dealer we are used to helping a wide variety of customers purchase firearms and other shooting range accessories. If you have questions about the process, forms of identification, or have any concerns rest assured we will explain and walk you through the process.

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