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25 yards
Member Rate
Standard Hourly
Additional Shooter
$10 ($5 for members)


Standard Eye Protection
Standard Ear Protection
Upgraded Eye & Ear Protection
For Purchase

Online Waiver

Ensure you are ready to shoot at our indoor gun range in Rochester, MN, Heartland Gun Club & Range by electronically signing a waiver before your arrival. No one wants to wait to shoot, click on Complete Online Waiver below to help reduce your check-in time.


Ever wanted to try a gun before you buy? Rochester indoor shooting range has a robust inventory of rental firearms allowing you to test multiple models and help determine which is right for you

Rental Pricing

Ammunition purchased separately
Non-Member Rate
Member Rate


Heartland Gun Club & Range offers a wide selection of firearms and shooting range accessories. We provide a truly interactive buying experience by giving you the opportunity to try to select showroom firearms in our range. Whether you’re looking for your first firearm or something to add to your collection, our expert staff will help you find the right equipment. Besides guns, our retail space also offers shooting range accessories, ammo, parts, cleaning kits, clothing, and more.


Heartland Gun Club does offer FFL transfers! Simply fill out the form below and we’ll handle the rest.

Once we receive your item a member of our team will let you know it’s available to pick up.

Transfer Fees

Per Transfer
$ 35
($10 for each additional transfer)
Member Transfer fees
($5 for each additional transfer)

FFL TransfersTransfer will be available for pick-up on the following business day after delivery. After the dealer transfer arrives in-store, the customer has 30 calendar days to pick up their firearm/item. After 30 calendar days, they will be charged a $50.00 storage fee for every month that passes and they do not come in to pick up their items. If one-year passes and the firearm/items have not been picked up, the items will be surrendered to Heartland Gun Club & Range as abandoned property.

FFL TransfersPackages are processed into our system in the order they arrive and may take 24 hours to be processed.

How to Buy a Firearm and other Shooting Range Accessories in MN?

As a Licensed Federal Firearms dealer we are used to helping a wide variety of customers purchase firearms and other shooting range accessories. If you have questions about the process, forms of identification, or have any concerns rest assured we will explain and walk you through the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your child has to be over 10 to shoot at our range with a parent or adult. Any child under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.

No, our indoor shooting range in Rochester, MN is open to the public. However, the best way to enjoy our range is with a membership. Click our membership tab to learn more!

We allow anything that doesn’t go over 3,300 FPS. Regarding shotguns we only allow slugs.
You only have to buy our ammunition if you are renting our guns. You can bring your own paper targets.
Yes, you can, just bring your passport or government issue ID.

You can contact [email protected] for any firearm repair questions, or stop by in-store.

Yes, we do accept transfers. The initial transfer cost for non-members is $35, for members, it is $25. The cost for each additional transfer is $10 for non-members and $5 for members.

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Heartland Gun Club Firearm Rental List


Smith & Wesson

Sig Sauer

Springfield Armory



Smith & Wesson

Sig Sauer

Springfield Armory





JP Enterprises


Try all our firearms for just a $35 flat fee!
Members only pay $26.25!

Must purchase ammunition from Heartland - *No reloads